This Cocktail and Perfume Bar Lets You Smell the Coming Hangover

They say that our senses of taste and smell are inextricably linked. Sometimes just catching a tiny waft of food cooking somewhere is enough to make us get on the horn/net and order some grub. This bar in Berlin takes this concept to its logical, and odorous, conclusion.

The just opened “mixology/olfactory experience” at The Ritz-Carlton in Berlin is the best smell/taste booze combination money can buy. It may also be the only booze/taste combination money can buy. Each drink on the menu comes with its own custom-made perfume bottle, meant to complement said beverage. Down the hatch, and down those other two hatches.

The concept has caught on with Berlin bar goers so, who knows, it may not be long before we have a bottle of perfume to go with our five dollar can of Bud Light.


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