This Room is Filled With Lickable Chocolate Wallpaper

When Willy Wonka imagined a world in which snozzberry wallpaper decals actually tasted like snozzberries, little did he know he would one day inspire real life. An enterprising artist has created a room that uses similar, um, technology to give lickers the unforgettable taste of chocolate.

Scottish artist  Anya Gallaccio concocted the room in Scotland's famed Jupiter Artland. It's just your average medium-sized room adorned with a simple bench and wallpaper that looks and smells auspiciously like chocolate. Adventurous explorers will also find it tastes like chocolate, however those same explorers may be in line for contracting the notorious ailment known as cooties.

There has been no end-date set for the room, however one would imagine the fun will stop right around when the local ant population discovers its existence.


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