French Supermarket Starts Selling 'Ugly Vegetables' to Decrease Food Waste

There's no inherent advantage to eating camera-friendly fruits and vegetables. At the end of the day, aesthetics do not affect taste or nutrition. Still, distributors tend to sell mostly pretty produce, given the ugly type a one-way ticket to the trashcan. This, unsurprisingly, wastes a ton of food. One French supermarket is trying to nip this in the bud by focusing solely on those sad, neglected, disfigured edibles.

French chain  Intermarché came up with the rather ingenious idea of securing shipments of unattractive fruits and veggies direct from the farmers themselves. They sell them 30 percent cheaper than their insufferably attractive cousins. They also sold prepared foods made exclusively from the plug ugly produce, thus proving to consumers that the taste is unaffected.

The campaign was a success, with each and every store selling over 1.2 tons of the abstruse produce in the first two days. Let this be a lesson to us all.

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