Frozen Friday: The Truck Treats

By: Camilla Brandfield-Harvey
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We're in for a long, hot summer. So to stave off heat stroke, we're bringing you our favorite summer treats each week as part of Frozen Friday, giving you the scoop on our favorite ice-cold recipes and party ideas to help you stay cool all summer long.

As we celebrate National Ice Cream Day this Sunday, we felt the need to pay homage to the jingling trucks that never cease to make kids (of all ages) come running. If you've never tried one of these (admittedly) artificial delights, welcome to a weekend of crunchy, chocolate-covered bliss and a lifetime of indecision over which to call your favorite. Whether these induce nostalgia or new sugar comas, here are five homemade versions of the childhood classics.

1. Choco Tacos: Raining Hot Coupons makes "America's coolest taco" a little bit cooler (and surprisingly simple) with sculpted waffle bowls and fudge ripple ice cream covered in melted chocolate and chopped peanuts (pictured above).

2. Homemade Klondike Bars: What would you do for the  Brown Eyed Baker's double-coated Ghirardelli Klondike bar? Now what if we told you it requires only three ingredients?

3. Homemade Chipwich: The Baker Chick relives her frozen glory days with homemade vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched between salted chocolate chip cookies.

4. Homemade Cookie Butter Drumsticks: As if drumsticks weren't dreamy enough, I Wash...You Dry brings cookie butter to the table for a speculoos ice cream cone encased in semi-sweet chocolate and chopped nuts. Swoon.

5. Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bars: The Food in My Beard refines and polishes the less-than-all-natural classic with homemade ice cream made from local strawberries coated in all-natural cookie crumbs and flecks of strawberry puree.

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