Los Angeles Restaurant Invents the Banh Mi French Dip

Hitting up your favorite Vietnamese restaurant can be a frustrating experience. Do you go for the brothy goodness of a bowl of pho or the chewy brilliance of a perfectly balanced banh mi sandwich? Choosing stuff is the worst! If only restauranteurs would create hybrid foods that contain all of our favorites at once.

One Los Angeles restaurant did just that. East Borough have just unveiled their Pho Baguette sandwich, which is essentially a banh mi French dip. You get the banh mi. You get the pho broth. Then you dip. It's the best of both worlds. It's also topped with a drizzle of  hoisin Sriracha aioli, just in case you need a little taste of the fancy.

This innovative sandwich is available right now to Los Angeles residents or visitors for $13. The rest of the world is still faced with that fateful choice every time they sit down at their local Vietnamese eatery. Sigh.

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