Pizza Hot Korea Goes Continent Hopping With Their Pork Taco Pizza

A little something has been happening in the food truck scene for the past several years. Slowly but surely, the concept of Korean-Mexican food has been catching on. Burritos filled with meat and kimchi? Yum! Pizza Hut Korea is taking this idea and throwing one more country into the mix for good measure.

They just introduced their Korean Pork Taco Pizza. First of all, it's a pizza so it has cheese and tomatoes. That's where the Italian influences stop, however. On the Mexican tip, the pie is topped with lettuce, salsa, jalapeno peppers and tortilla chips. Finally, it gets covered in a layer of Korean seasoned spicy pork. Oh yeah, each half can also be folded and eaten like a taco if you are into that kind of thing (you are.)

Of course, as stated above, this is only available in Korea so it looks like we can go on pining for our own tri-country pizza pies.

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