Silver-Coated Champagne Ice Cream Bars

There is nothing better than celebrating something with a simple, yet satisfying, champagne toast. However, what happens when you are sick and tired of swallowing liquids and would rather conduct said toast over a simple ice cream bar? That's where this bad boy comes in.

Champagne makers Magnum Europe have created an uber-fancy ice cream bar that is made from their signature product. The innards are filled with ice cream mixed with champagne and the outside is inexplicably coated with silver. What's the matter guys? Gold prices have gotten too exorbitant? Also, in case you were wondering about the taste, there is also a layer of chocolate nestled underneath all of that precious, precious silver.

These potentially edible ice cream bars are available throughout Europe in honor of the company's 25th birthday. Congrats, guys. Now you can finally rent a car.


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