Toronto Bakery Creates Extravagant $900 Cupcake

All you read on the Internet lately is how cupcakes are dead. Crumbs has been in the throes of bankruptcy, the lines at NYC's Magnolia have dwindled and there is no third Sex in the City movie in sight. Don't give up on these diminutive delicacies just yet, however. Canada's got that junk on lockdown.

Toronto's La Dolci Bakery was just commissioned by a customer to create an extravagant cupcake that may just set the baked goods world on fire. It cost a whopping $900, for one. What does nearly a thousand bucks get you in cupcake-ville? The inside is filled with a pastry cream that is made from expensive champagne ($1,000 a bottle.) The buttercream frosting is made with butter from Normandy, chocolate from Italy, sea salt from France and fancy-pants coffee. The bakers then covered the cupcake with champagne bubbles, a whole lot of edible gold and "diamonds" made from sugar. Last but not least, the cupcake was served with a small bottle of Courvoisier cognac, to be poured on top before eating.

As previously stated, this ridiculous cupcake was commissioned by a customer so its not on the menu for ordinary folk (yet.)


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