This Woman Went on an All Emoji Diet For Entire Week

Emojis are pretty cool. They allow us to text stupid pictures instead of just texting stupid words. The only downside is that every single thing in the universe has yet to be recreated in emoji-form. For instance, you can text a picture of an ice cream cone but not a simple yogurt. One woman decided to see just how many food items were represented the only way she knew how, by eating nothing but emoji grub for a whole week.

Kelsey Ruxrout, a writer at The Atlantic, underwent this impressive feat. The rules were simple. She could only eat things that had associated emojis, although combining ingredients to create recipes was allowed. It must also be noted that animal emojis could not be used as meat, so that cute cow picture became even more useless than usual.

The end result? A fairly boring week of eating. With most of her usual staples out of the running, Ruxrout had to subsist primarily on fruit, shrimp and black coffee. To her credit, she says she probably won't try this experiment again.

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