California Restaurant Offers Discounts For Negative Yelp Reviews

Nowadays, Yelp holds a whole lot of sway over the restaurant industry. All it takes is a few bad reviews to throw your entire percentage out of whack. Pretty soon the only customers you'll see will be tumbleweeds and skateboarding bozos looking to use the bathroom. Can restauranteurs fight back? One California Italian eatery is certainly trying.

San Francisco's Botto Bistro is sick and tired of being pushed around by the digital overlords over at Yelp. Their solution? Screw up their page on purpose. They offer customer's discounts on their meals for writing purposefully negative reviews. The end result is an absolutely ridiculous page where up is down, dogs and cats play together and nothing makes any sense.

Yelp isn't taking this laying down, however. The web giant has sent Botto Bistro a cease and desist letter. Apparently they can't take a joke.


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