25 Ways to Use Sriracha

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CC RECIPE Michael Symon Twice Fried Chicken with Sriracha Honey

Photo by: Brian Kennedy ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Brian Kennedy, 2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Sriracha is an addictively spicy hot sauce that has found its way into the kitchens and hearts of cooks around the globe. Although it originated in the Thai city of Sri Racha, Sriracha is now used to kick up all types of cuisines. You can use it on everything from your morning eggs to an evening cocktail. Sriracha definitely carries heat (a dot of the stuff will do the trick), but the hot sauce has a complex flavor; it’s vinegary and slightly sweet behind that red hot heat. Next time you’re craving something hot, reach for a bottle of your favorite Sriracha and get your fix with these 25 ways:

  1. Start off by making your own Sriracha-Style Hot Sauce. It’s an overnight process, but if you properly can and seal it, this homemade Sriracha lasts up to a year.
  2. Kelsey Nixon’s Asian Chicken Burger with Spicy Lemongrass Mayo and Pickled Asian Slaw is a lighter variation on the standard burger. The quick-pickled slaw adds lots of texture and flavor without a ton of calories.
  3. Pimento cheese is a traditional Southern food, made with cream cheese, pimentos and shredded Cheddar. Normally served between two sliced of white bread, try the spicy version, Matt's Sriracha Pimento Cheese Dip with vegetables and cracker for dipping, in a sandwich or even on top of baked potatoes.
  1. Michael Symon fries chicken twice before serving. Once at a lower temperature to cook the chicken through and the second time at a higher temperature to get it super crispy. Twice-Fried Chicken with Sriracha Honey (pictured above) is fried in lard, which can be found at the butcher or meat department of the grocery store, or other oil with a high smoke point such as peanut oil.
  2. For an all-out Southern feast, serve Michael Symon’s chicken (above) with Sherla’s Southern Greens.
  3. For those weekend mornings when you can’t decide whether to do breakfast or lunch at brunch, there is Sriracha Glazed Pork Stuffed French Toast.
  4. An upscale alternative to standard wings for your next game night: Crispy, Smoked Chicken Wings and Legs, Cilantro, Lime and Sriracha, and a Celery and Radish Salad.
  5. Recreating take-out at home is fun and easy with Kelsey Nixon’s Shrimp Lo Mein.
  6. Fried Potatoes with Spicy Aioli is a classic, comforting side dish to serve with a simple roasted chicken.
  7. Raw kale is often chewy and hard to eat. Finely chop it to give your jaw a break in the Kale and Macadamia Nut Salad.
  8. Storebought dumpling wrappers make Kelsey Nixon’s Pork Dumplings even easier than ordering takeout. Dip them in a simple Sriracha and soy sauce blend for the full take-out effect.
  9. Swap traditional burgers for hearty fish in Emeril’s Amberjack Sandwiches with Spicy Tartar Sauce. Amberjack is a type of white fish, if you can’t find any substitute with another steak-like fish such as mahi mahi.
  1. Chuck’s Crab Cakes are served with spicy fresh mayo. Homemade mayonnaise has a more complex, rich flavor than the store-bought kind. If you don’t feel like making your own, store-bought mixed with some Sriracha will definitely do the trick.
  2. Whether you’re firing up the grill in the yard or heating up a grill pan inside, Sticky and Spicy Thai-Style Chicken Wings make enough to feed a crowd and are on the table in 15 minutes.
  3. If you’ve only been using Sriracha in food, you’ve been doing it wrong: spicy Sriracha, red pepper vodka and chocolate liqueur come together to make the Chocolate Cherry Bomb cocktail.
  4. Roger Mooking’s Tamarind Balls are sweet and spicy dessert bites that come together in just 5 minutes. Tamarinds are sweet and sour pod-shaped fruits that are popular in cuisines all over the world. Tamarind paste is sold in many specialty Asian markets.
  5. Make your own peanut butter for a spicy take on the classic PB and J: Spicy Thai Grilled Peanut Butter Sandwich.
  6. Pasta night gets a makeover with Lemongrass Coconut Noodles with Spicy Chinese Meatballs.
  7. Kelsey Nixon’s Thai Deviled Eggs are easy to make if you know the how to make hard-boiled eggs (without over cooking them). Place the eggs in a pot, then cover with cold water and bring to a boil. Once the water hits a boil, remove from the heat and sit for about 10 minutes. Pop the eggs in an ice bath until they’re cooled to fully stop the cooking process.
  8. Easy to make and even easier to scarf down, Bacon Wrapped Scallops with Spicy Mayo is a simple twist on the cocktail party favorite.
  9. Black Skillet Chicken gets a brown sugar dry rub, then crisps up in the oven. Finish it off with a lemon-honey glaze for the ultimate roast chicken.
  10. Nadia G’s Steamed Pork Belly Buns with Hoisin Balsamic is a perfect rainy day meal. Pork belly is braised in apple juice for 3 hours and from-scratch pork buns proof while the pork is in the oven.

Koagie Temple

Photo by: kerri brewer ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

kerri brewer, 2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

  1. The Koagie, or Korean hoagie (pictured above), is a massive sandwich piled high with spicy pickled cucumbers, cabbage slaw and marinated steak. This dish is best with really thinly sliced (almost shaved) meat; place the meat in the freezer until firm and then slice to achieve.
  2. The Heartstopper Club, a true description of the sandwich, requires 3 slices of bread to hold it all together; it’s topped with pulled pork, thick-cut bacon and a fried egg.
  3. SriRach Scotch, from Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark, is a cocktail made sweet and spicy from honey-Sriracha simple syrup.

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