Chinese Bakers Whip Up a 1,893-lb Pumpkin Pie

The world is currently knee deep in pumpkin season, which means orange-looking recipes are popping up all over the place. Want pumpkin in your coffee? You got it. Want a heaping plate of pumpkin pasta? Yeah, you can hit that too. However, the humble pumpkin pie reigns supreme in the annals of gourd history. Some chefs in China banded together to honor this history by making one heck of a huge pumpkin pie. 

Forty bakers in Changsha, China took a whole bunch of pumpkin and a whole bunch of other pie ingredients (including raisins and dates) and came out with a whopping 1,893-lb pumpkin pie. The ingredients were so heavy that they required a crane to lift. All told it was 14-feet in diameter, or approximately enough to act as dessert for one American Thanksgiving dinner.

The coolest part? This nearly 2,000-lb pie isn't even record breaking. That honor belongs to a pumpkin pie baked in Ohio, which weighed nearly 3,700 pounds.

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