Fall Fest: Eat As Much Pumpkin as Possible

By: Caitlin Heikkila

Bright orange and already popping up on porches across the country, the pumpkin is the most infamous fall signifier. Beyond its decor potential, this member of the squash family is also a bit magical (just ask Cinderella or check out The Legend of Sleepy Hollow). Of all the lore, we're partial to Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater for his diet and all it's gourd-infused potential. Tempted to try it? Here are the five ways to start.

1. These pumpkin-packed sticky buns (pictured above) are practically guaranteed to improve any autumn morning. The gooey pastry is topped with a sweet pecan-bourbon caramel sauce for an extra indulgent coating.

2. Before carving all of your pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, dice up one for this pureed pumpkin soup. It has warming powers for the crispest of days.

A loaf of Brown Pumpkin Bread with one slice removed that is placed on a plain white surface

Photo by: Tara Donne ©Food Network

Tara Donne, Food Network

3. We can’t decide if the real power of  Alton Brown’s pumpkin bread is in its taste or aroma. The loaf is baked with two punches of pumpkin: seeds and shredded fresh pumpkin.

4. If you have an extra strong  pumpkin craving, slather pumpkin butter on your slice of pumpkin bread. It’s the edible equivalent of making your home in a pumpkin patch.



5. Risotto already has a tendency to be nutty and buttery, so pumpkin is a nice component. Mixed with mascarpone and parmesan, pumpkin risotto is a hearty fall favorite.

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