Thai Government Builds Robot to Judge Quality of Food

Everyone knows that a zombie apocalypse will never happen. Some kind of virus that turns us into unstoppable, and hungry, killing machines? Yeah right. A robot apocalypse, however, is absolutely within the realm of possibility. Introducing a robot that knows if food tastes good or not, brought to you by the Thai government.

The Thai Delicious Committee recently unveiled the robot as insurance against crappy Thai food. Essentially, they send the robot around the world to make sure nobody is screwing up any of their national dishes. This nameless, unfeeling robot is outfitted with a bevy of sensors that analyze the chemical signatures of a variety of Thai staples. It then awards the dish a score of 1 to 100. If it falls below 80, the robot sends the offending chef on a 'vacation.' OK, that last part is made up. They just get a bad score.

The plan is to outfit these robots in every country that houses a Thai embassy and to systematically use them to judge every eatery they can find. That's always how it starts, doesn't it? Be afraid. Be very afraid. Also, make sure to always carry lemongrass and fish sauce everywhere you go just in case.

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