Chef Daniel Patterson Starting Restaurant That Refuses Tips

Revered chef Daniel Patterson, of Coi fame, is starting a new eatery that will refuse tips and offer flat pricing.


The customs surrounding tipping vary from culture to culture, with it being expected in America and it being included in the overall price throughout Europe. This causes plenty of confusion when dining out, although you can never fail by erring on the side of tipping. However, one California restauranteur is opening a new eatery that will refuse any and all tips.

Chef Daniel Patterson, renowned for running a restaurant called Coi, is prepping his newest creation called Aster. If the menu says a plate of sous vides thingamajigs costs $25, then that is exactly what it costs.

In addition to not accepting tips, Aster will also do away with all service charges, offering a completely flat rate meal. So, if you have exactly $25 burning a hole in your pocket, you should check out California's Aster when it opens.

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