This NBA Stadium Offers Up a Massive 8-Pound Burger

If you follow basketball, you no doubt know that the Charlotte Hornets are already off to yet another disappointing season. OK, that might be jumping the gun a bit, but 2013 -- their final season as the Bobcats -- didn't exactly inspire confidence. In any event, who cares how they actually play? Their concession stand has some amazing food, including this mouth watering 8-pound behemoth of a burger.

Hugo's Boss Burger, named after the team's mascot, features 14 beef patties, cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, cheese sauce and bacon. Don't worry. There's some healthy roughage in the form of lettuce, tomato, pickles and mushrooms. Also, the burger gets cut up into pie-like slices, in case you are tempted to share this beast with ten of your closest friends.

This meaty monstrosity was just unveiled for the 2014-2015 season. It'll set you back around $75.

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