Japanese Pizza Chain Offers Chocolate as a Topping

This pie contains mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce ... and melted hunks of chocolate bar.

It is an undisputed fact of the universe that nearly everyone loves chocolate. People love it on cake. People love it on ice cream. People love it by itself. Do people, however, love it sitting next to cheese and sauce on a pizza? That's what one Japanese pizza chain is finding out.

Aoki's Pizza, found throughout Japan, has just unveiled their Black Thunder Pizza. This pie contains the usual accoutrements, including mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. However, it also contains melted hunk of a chocolate bar. Just in case that isn't weird enough, the pie also contains pieces of pineapple. Are they just screwing with people now?

This pizza officially launches today. Hey, that's Thanksgiving! If you get a chance to try this beast, report back to us and let us know what you thought.

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