Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Gifts for the Hungriest People on Your List

By: Allison Milam
Zoku Ice Cream Maker

Ready or not, here the holidays come. If listlessly strolling store aisles in search of the perfect gift isn't totally your thing, we've got you covered with these nailed-it gifts for every type of foodie on your list.

For the Ice Cream Lover: Sure, you could just phone it in and give them their favorite pint of ice cream (especially if you threw in the spoon), but for a grand slam, give them a frozen treat of their own creation. Thanks to the   Zoku Ice Cream Maker ($25.95), ice-cream eaters can customize their own mix-ins and have a bowl in hand in just 10 minutes.

Sansaire Sous Vide Circulator

For the Wannabe Molecular Gastronomist: It may be one of the more expensive gifts on our list, but food-science nerds know that you can't put a price tag on culinary creativity. Case in point: this  Sous-Vide Immersion Circulator ($199.95), which can transform any pot of water into a sous-vide water bath to cook everything from eggs to steaks with one-the-dot precision.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

For the Chocolate Lover: Rather than nabbing your chocoholic friends a single-origin bar and calling it a day, sate their cravings with a more warming genre of chocolatey treats:  Hot Chocolate on a Stick ($25). From there, your favorite chocolate lover can swirl the blocks of gourmet chocolate into steaming milk for their hot cocoa dreams to come true.

Maple Sugar Cube

For the Breakfast-for-Every Meal Friend: Buddy the Elf isn't the only one who counts syrup as a major food group. If you know someone who can't get through breakfast without a heaping helping of maple syrup, bring on the  Maple Sugar Cube ($23). Just like a trusty block of Parmesan, this solid hunk of Grade B syrup is ready to be grated over everything from oatmeal to roasted vegetables for a pure sprinkling of autumnal sweetness.

Beer Tasting Kit

For the Beer Aficionado: Beer takes a lot of knocks as the centerpiece of keg parties and the cause of beer bellies, so give it some love with the  Complete Beer Tasting Kit ($13). Perfect for the drinker who lavishes praise on pilsners like they would fine Russian literature or Italian sonnets, this kit is a surefire path to a world beyond kegstands.

Srirach Print

For the Hot-Sauce-on-Everything Freak: We all have a friend who's love of hot sauce borders on obsession. This year, give these special people and their numbed taste buds a  Sriracha Print ($17.50) glorifying the rooster-decked red bottle for all to see. Pair it with a few sriracha-spiced recipes to really fire things up.

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