This Pen Makes Latte Art Pretty Darned Easy

The CinniBird Spice Pen allows the layman to draw on his lattes with ease.

It is often argued that latte art is the greatest artistic invention of the modern age, or at least on par with Draw Something. There's one thing holding everyone back from becoming coffee Picassos, however. Latte art is hard! Thankfully someone invented a magical pen to make it easier.

The Cinnibird Spice Pen uses cinnamon, cocoa and other delicious spices to create beautiful works of art not only on lattes but, well, on just about anything. Finally, you can draw a slice of pizza on top of a slice of pizza to create the pizza paradox of your dreams.

This pen is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. If drawing stuff is your bag, you can preorder one for around $45. They'll be $60 when they hit store shelves.


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