Philadelphia's Four Best Tacos

Check out the tacos in Philadelphia that are blowing Chef Aarón Sánchez's mind.
By: Cooking Channel Staff

On tonight's Taco Trip at 9:30pm ET, Chef Aarón Sánchez heads to the city of taco love as part of his mission to find the country's best taco originators. Here are the bites that blew his mind:

The Cheesesteak Taco at Union Taco (pictured above)

Visiting Philly without hitting a cheesesteak would be like going to the moon and not glide-walking backwards. Union Taco takes the holy grail of Philadelphia sandwiches as inspiration for this short rib-packed, plantain ketchup-drizzled wonder. The Scrapple Taco at Sancho Pistola's

The Pennsylvania Dutch have a tradition of packing leftover pork bits into a terrine and frying it up. This staple called scrapple is being used to make another Philly-meets-Mexico winner at Sancho Pistola's.

The Duck Taco at Tuk Tuk

There's more cultural fusion to be found at Tuk Tuk Real, but this time in the form of a Thai-Mexican duck taco where housemade kimchi tops deeply-aromatic duck meat.

The Cauliflower Taco at La Calaca Feliz

For a city filled with as many carnivores as Philly, it's surprising a cauliflower-based taco is so popular. La Calaca Feliz lightly fries it and tops it with three different flavored salsas, including a housemade guacamole and cactus salsa, to enhance the flavors. The result almost tastes like cauliflower carnitas.

Meet the masterminds behind these creations tonight at 9:30pm on Taco Trip.

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