Remembering Jon Stewart's 5 Best Food Rants on The Daily Show

No one knows how to scream and shout about food quite as well as Jon Stewart. In his 16 years hosting The Daily Show, he's taken down everything from Arby's sandwiches to Chicago deep-dish pizza in epic rants, and in honor of his final show on August 6, we're reliving the best of them.

From a massive deli sandwich that is basically a "cow with a rye bread yarmulke" to a life-changing breakfast-sandwich hack, take a walk down memory lane with five of our favorites below.

This is how Stewart describes Chicago deep-dish pizza: "It's a cornbread biscuit which you've melted cheese on and then, in defiance of God and man and all things holy, you poured uncooked marinara sauce atop the cheese. Atop! The cheese on top, the sauce naked, cold, on display like some sort of sauce whore." Mic drop.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg tried to ban all sugary drinks over 16 ounces in 2013, and Stewart was not a supporter. He reasoned that there are far more calories in a Carnegie Deli pastrami sandwich — "it's more like eating a cow with a rye bread yarmulke" — and that he should be able to "wash it down with something as cool and refreshing as Mountain Dew."

In the final episode of  The Daily Show Podcast Without Jon Stewart, Stewart made a surprise appearance — and mostly talked about food. At Wednesday writers' room meetings, they would all get egg sandwiches, but he secretly hated part of them: the huge kaiser rolls. "What always bothered me about it was the ratio between bread and egg — they were on kaiser rolls. Gigantic, fluffy, overdone kaiser rolls. I could tell there was a sadness. There was a deep, pervasive hurt in the room. And one day I made a decision ... that we would no longer do the sandwiches on kaiser rolls." Instead, he chose English muffins, like a boss.

After Kraft Singles got a "Kids Eat Right" label on their product, Stewart couldn't comprehend it. "Kraft is still not legally allowed to call this product 'cheese,'" he reasoned, going on to deliver many other rants about fast food.

The thing that Stewart hates most in the world is probably Arby's. From "Why not challenge your stomach to a fight?" to "technically, it's food," he's had lots of fake slogans for the roast beef sandwich chain. In honor of his departure from The Daily Show, they made him this montage, and life will never be the same.

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