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By: Mark Levine
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"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." ~ Julia Child. Oh...did we mention that Julia's going to be spending her afternoons on Cooking Channel?

The French Chef with Julia Child and Julia Child & Company are back so you can join Julia in celebrating a world of French dishes.

Can't wait? You know of Julie Powell but we wanted to tantalize you back into the kitchen with a few Julia Child tribute recipes from some other hot food bloggers and writers. Fire these up:

Buttery crepes, dark rum, tangy apricot preserve, powered sugar -- perfect.

It's a little early for tomatoes but this fresh Provencal quiche proved too seductive to resist.

"It would eventually take us two years and something like 184 pounds of flour to try out all the home-style recipes for French bread we could find."  ~ Julia Child, My Life In France

The first French cake Julia ever ate -- and the one she never forgot.  Meet the Queen of Sheba.

Your favorite Julia moment, recipe or quote?

Catch up with Julia Child, weekdays at 2pm ET on Cooking Channel.

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