Laura Calder -- 16 Tasty Morsels

By: Mark Levine

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Laura Calder -- French Food At Home

From six-year-old local bake-off winner to James Beard award winner, Laura Calder has some enviable culinary experiences under her apron...

Laura Calder -- 16 Tasty Morsels
Dulse - Atlantic sun-dried seaweed
  1. Hosts French Food At Home -- simple French home cooking which anyone can make
  2. Won first cooking award at age six for Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing
  3. Pulled off her first multi-course family dinner at age nine – each dish contained cheese
  4. Was obsessed with German baking – including breads and pretzels
  5. Snacks on iron-rich dulse...seaweed from off the coast of Canada
Panda Licorice
  1. Attended cooking school in Vancouver
  2. Loves personal recipe collections and handwritten cookbooks
  3. Worked for a wine expert in Napa, California
  4. Collaborated with Anne Villan - founder of Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne in Burgundy, France
  5. Craves Panda Licorice
Italian Paraspruzzo Coffee Maker
  1. Wrote her first cookbook, French Food At Home, while in Paris
  2. Has a deep appreciation for fresh coffee with a frothy head from an Italian paraspruzzo
Porcelain Pie Bird
  1. Wrote for Gourmet, Salon, The Wine Journal and The Times of London
  2. Apprenticed in starred restaurants and worked as a private chef
  3. Has been known to use porcelain “pie birds”
  1. Won 2010 James Beard Award for her show,  French Food At Home

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