Tasting: Food Jammers

By: Mark Levine

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Food Jammers 3D Pizzatraption -- Cooking Channel

Food MacGyvers, Snack MacGrubers, Culinary Genii -- call them what you will but Micah Donovan, Nobu Adilman and Chris Martin are the eerily-brilliant Food Jammers...

They're just three guys with hardcore cravings and the smarts to make it all happen.  Check out this flipcam of three rigging up a mid-winter, gas grill coffee roaster...

Miss that? Here's how it breaks down:
Food Jammers Coffee Roaster -- Cooking Channel

If you need your Thanksgiving turkey freeze-dried for easy camping, your beer blast-chilled or your pizza cooked by bending the laws of quantum physics, they'll hook you up.

Share and share alike...  We want your food hacks.  What have you got?

Catch Nobu, Chris and Micah -- the Food Jammers -- beginning May 31st on Cooking Channel.

Visit the Food Jammers site. Illustration credits:  Food Jammers.


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