Roger Mooking's Other Gig

By: Sara Levine

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Roger Mooking slings the hash

When he’s not in the kitchen jazzing up dishes with exotic ingredients and spices, Toronto chef and Everyday Exotic host Roger Mooking can be found jamming in the recording studio....

Many of you have mentioned that you're fans of his show's catchy theme song, so you'll want to check out Roger’s music video for Why Oh Why, a single from his first solo album, Soul Food.

First, watch this short clip of Roger chatting with Food Network Canada on set of his directing debut. He explains why he doesn't appear much in the video, instead choosing to show lots of different personalities.

A few weeks later, the finished Why Oh Why video was released. Watch it here and let us know what you think.

Roger’s not the only Cooking Channel chef with shared passions for music and food. David Rocco curates all of the music for his show—you can listen to cuts from the Dolce Vita soundtrack on his website—and Jamie Oliver played the drums in a Brit-pop band (Scarlet Division) throughout the 90s.

Music in the kitchen is a must when I'm cooking. Now that Why Oh Why is in my head, I'll download some of Roger's other soulful tunes. They complement his recipes nicely: On Everyday Exotic this week, he's making Curried Macaroni and Cheese and I just might too.

Go Everyday Exotic with Roger here.
What music are you liking on Cooking Channel?

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