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My husband and I like to plan a big trip that we can look forward to every year. This year our destination was Spain and the country did not disappoint! We ate our way though Granada, Sevilla, and Barcelona. We embraced the sprit of tapas bars and small plates and ate more seafood than we ever thought that we could possibly consume. We also seemed to justify eating churros y chocolate quite frequently. Some of our best memories were centered around the experiences we had with food in Spain. It was a very tasty trip!

A large portion my motivation to travel is to not only see, but taste. Each destination is not complete without sampling the local fare and getting a feel for the food culture. Along the way, I've learned a few lessons about eating while traveling.

Here are some of my best tips:

1. Do you research. Whether you get your recommendations from a food blog, Zagat guide, or a local on the street, make an effort to eat somewhere that has been recommended. For me, half of the fun is planning where I'm going to eat and looking forward to the big meal. In my opinion it is too risky to just pop in somewhere when you are traveling on limited time and a budget.

2. Share your experiences. Food is a universal theme that everyone can relate to. Whether you're chatting with a movie star or a stranger on the street, everyone enjoys food. Talking about your best food experiences can be a great way to connect to people and hopefully inspire others to follow in your foodie footsteps.

3. Embrace the food culture. If you're in Texas, eat barbecue; if you're in Italy, indulge in pasta... and don't you dare pass up the paella in Spain. Observe how and when the locals enjoy their specific cuisine. Challenge yourself to take home either an idea or an ingredient that will expand your horizons in your own home kitchen.

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