Iron Chef America: Chuck Hughes Takes on Bobby Flay

By: Michelle Buffardi

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What does Chuck really do on his day off? Tonight, he won't be getting a new bacon tattoo, instead he'll be battling Bobby Flay in kitchen stadium on Food Network's Iron Chef America. The secret ingredient is . . . you know we can't tell you that, you'll have to watch tonight at 10 to see the dueling network hosts in action. But till then, take a look at these potential battles -- who do you think would win each?


(Warning -- spoiler alert!)

And the winner is . . . Chuck Hughes! After a grueling battle using the secret ingredient Canadian Lobster, Chef Hughes served the judges a Lobster Roll with a Bloody Caesar cocktail, Lobster Poutine (a Canadian classic), Lobster and Onion Ring Salad With Carrot Butter and Avocado, Lobster Mushroom Risotto and Jerk Spiced Lobster. Chef Flay presented the judges with Crispy Lobster Salad, Grilled Lobster Tail With Vanilla-Corn Sauce, Free-Form Lobster Lasagna, Red Curry Lobster and Lobster Gumbo. After careful deliberation, the judges chose Chuck as the clear winner.

But did Chuck, a chef from Canada have an advantage with the Canadian lobster? Who would have won in a battle over different ingredients?
Battle: Mussels
Battle: Chicken
Chuck's Fried Chicken versus Bobby's Fried Chicken
Battle: Short Ribs
Battle: Scallops
Battle: Potatoes
Battle: Rice
Battle: Lemon(ade)
Chuck's Tequila Lemonade versus Bobby's Rum Lemonade
Did the judges make the right choice?

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