More Mario -- Ciao America!

By: Frank Samperi
Beloved Italian super-chef Mario Batali doesn't just love cooking Italian, but eating it to. There's no denying the guy's one of the foremost experts on Italian in the country. So aren't you just the least bit curious to see where his favorite places to eat are?

That's why we're psyched that Ciao America has found a new home on Cooking Channel. Beginning this Friday, we get to travel with him across our very own U. S. of A. as he eats his way through his favorite Italian dishes. Sign me up for the road trip!

From chefs to Italian food artisans and extended families, it all starts this Friday with a classic — pizza pie. Mario celebrates everything from deep dish to thin crust as he journeys from Southern California to Chicago, finally resting at some classic hot spots in Brooklyn, NY for some of the most irresistible pizza in the country.  Tune in Friday night at 9pm eastern / 8pm central -- and bring your own pizza peel. Get the full Ciao America schedule here.

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