Blogging Bittman

We're not the only ones who love Mark Bittman's minimalistic approach to cooking. While you wait for the premiere of his show (Sunday at 10:30 a.m. EST), check out top food bloggers favorite Bittman recipes:

Mark Bittman's Cornmeal Pancakes

For a healthy breakfast, the folks at The Kitchn turned to Mark Bittman's cornmeal pancakes. They were so surprised by how good the pancakes were that they turned to the recipe again for dinner later that week.

Olga at Sassy Radish became so obsessed with Mark's description of fried onions and schmaltz in his recipe for kasha varnishkes that she decided to try the recipe out herself. She skipped the schmaltz, though, and went with unrefined sunflower oil instead to "impart a unique flavor on the dish" and started her own tradition.

Mark Bittman's Banana Bread

Bobbie, the author of Fresh and Foodie, consistently uses Mark's cookbook How to Cook Everything and in her opinion, it's the best cookbook out there. She agrees with Mark Bittman's description of his banana bread recipe as the ultimate and describes it as "outrageously moist inside with a tender crust on the outside."

Mark Bittman's Stuck-Pot Rice

Luisa at The Wednesday Chef decided to give Mark's recipes another go and was thankful she did. She put his recipe for stuck-pot rice in the "top five of rice dishes."

Mark Bittman's Autumn Millet Bake

Heidi from 101 Cookbooks was pleasantly surprised to discover that Mark's How To Cook Everything Vegetarian cookbook was more than just a guide to cooking vegetables.

"Mark Bittman is clearly excited about all the other ingredients that come into play when you start to phase out some (or all) of the meat in your diet. It is a cuisine that lends itself to a wonderful range of grains, legumes, salads, and produce."

She gave his recipe for Autumn Millet Bake a go and loved how it could be prepped in advance.

Mark Bittman's Blondies

Deb at Smitten Kitchen says Mark's recipe is the only recipe you'll ever need for blondies. She loves how simple and easy it is, and how in true Minimalist form, Mark offers endless variations on the original recipe.

Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

Clay and Zach at The Bitten Word were inspired by Mark Bittman's video for actually grilled cheese sandwiches that they decided to try it out. They added a Southern twist by using pimento cheese in their sandwiches.

Do you have a favorite Minimalist recipe?

Be sure to tune in Sunday, March 6th, at 10:30 a.m. EST as The Minimalist takes on pasta.

Next Up

Meatless Monday: Mark Bittman's Zucchini-Pear Soup

This delicious soup recipe is made with potatoes, so it's quite hearty, and it gets its verdant hue from zucchini, which are in season and very abundant right now. It's perfect for Meatless Monday.

Cooking the Channel: Mark Bittman's Braised Short Ribs

Mark Bittman braises short ribs in a combination of red wine and coffee. The end result is tender beef in a rich sauce.


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