Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos' Favorite Cooking Music

We are living in the era of playlists, which makes me feel a bit old. I left my turntables and vinyl behind, when I moved to Los Angeles to chase Debi, but I shipped all of my CDs.

For many years Debi and I had one of the most-wonderful music libraries I have ever seen in my life: Her passion for old jazz, American classics and early hip-hop married well with my collection of Brazilian and Cuban albums. In our first house together, we had an entire library that showcased our music collection, and we lived the joy of popping a CD into the system until the very last breath of that music medium.

Three main events forever changed the way we enjoy music in our house: the very first iPod, parenthood and ultimately moving from Los Angeles to Brooklyn. As of now our very precious music collection is in storage, 12 boxes filled to the top, taped and padded with care; they will survive, we hope, until the day they can move back in with us.

For the moment, however, I still carry each single album on a few iPods and computers around my house. And it does not matter what’s going on at any given moment, there is almost always music playing in most of our rooms. Some soft bossa nova or jazz from the '20s plays in the bedroom whenwe wake up in the morning; more upbeat rhythms play in our kitchen for the purpose of either entertaining or chopping at a decent speed.

Giulia is right now blasting her device to its speaker limits while practicing “New York, New York” for her end-of-the-year school performance.

Evelina has locked herself in her room, she is 12 going 20, and she is singing it all while strumming on her ukulele.

In the kitchen, unless we decide to play something “special” or fitting for that given moment, the local jazz radio station is basically always on.

Not having CDs around makes me feel a bit old, but being able to have all of my music available at all times is a powerful sensation. Hopefully one day we will be able to finally fix our farm in Italy. It will be my honor to finally bring our music collection back to life — and on some solid and well-crafted wood shelves. And again, as I used to enjoy so very much, I will listen to a record at the time, I will sit back and read through liner notes of its jacket, and maybe I'll learn a few songs by heart again.

Our family shares and iPod in the kitchen, and these are our top 10 most-played albums!

The Black Keys — El Camino
Caetano Veloso — A Bossa de Caetano
Charlie Byrd — Blues Sonata
Depeche Mode — The Singles
Django Reinhardt — The Quintessence
Jorge Ben — Samba Esquema Novo
Nicola Conte — Bossa per Due
Aldo Romano — Non Dimenticar
Steven Bernstein — Diaspora Soul
Stephen Marley — Mind Control

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