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By: G. Garvin

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The Midwest isn’t just about cold weather and funny accents — the food scene here is growing stronger every year. The Midwest is filled with passionate people making their restaurant dreams a reality. With farmland available to create local products, the food quality of the Midwest is some of the best in the country.

Carriage House

Chef Mark Steuer has something incredibly special in the Carriage House. This Chicago hot spot takes the flavors of the South and modernizes them. Steuer's fried chicken and homemade sweet-potato hot sauce is packed with flavor; if you're up for something different, try the quail and dumplings.

Cuppy’s Best Soulful Deli

Andrea White's dishes have both heart and soul. In her new spot in Ypsilanti she's making comfort food like no one else in the Midwest. When you try the meats and sides, make sure you save room for dessert: peach cobbler or sweet potato cake.

Puffs of Doom

Luke and Rebecca own and operate Puffs of Doom, a delicious dessert company that dishes out flavored puffs all over Chicago. You can find them at a culinary event or farmers market in the city. The only problem will be picking your favorite flavor.


Not only is Jon Costas the mayor of Valparaiso, but he is also the owner of Burgerhaus along with his brother. They take their burgers to another level, and guests love to wash them down with cold craft beers. I love the Santiago burger, made with chipotle cheddar, spicy chipotle mayo and fried jalapenos.

The Wafel Shop

The Wafel Shop may not be the biggest breakfast spot in Ann Arbor, but this trendy concept is gaining popularity. Add this to your list of stops if you're in Ann Arbor, and check out the Expatriate, made with BBQ pulled chicken and aged cheddar.

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