Watch Roger Mooking's Fiery Takeover of Food Network’s Snapchat Discover

By: Kristina Bornholtz

’Tis the season — barbecue season, that is. And who better to get you pumped up to take on the quest for the perfect smoke and sauce than Cooking Channel’s resident flamethrower, Roger Mooking? To celebrate Man Fire Food Season 5 (premiering tonight, Tuesday, July 5 at 9pm ET), Roger is taking over Food Network’s Snapchat Discover.

For one day only, Food Network’s Snapchat Discover will be your one-stop shop for all things fire and food. For the next 24 hours, you can find Roger’s favorite barbecue recipes, his all-time coolest ways to cook with fire, hilarious outtakes from Man Fire Food and the craziest things he’s ever cooked.

New to Discover? Here’s how to find us: Open your Snapchat app, swipe right twice (past the camera and the Stories page), and click the tile featuring the white Food Network circle and delicious food. You can also go directly to our Snap code here to add us and start devouring Roger’s takeover.

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