Buckle Up for the Best Bites on Southern and Hungry

Cruise along with Damaris Phillips and Rutledge Wood as they steer their way through the Southern food scene.

A Meaty Medley

A Meaty Medley

The duo are mesmerized by a medley of meats at the Neon Pig, an old-school butcher shop in Oxford, Mississippi that breaks down whole cows in-house. An assortment of fresh cuts (rib eye, sirloin and filet) are combined with smoked bacon to make the Smash Grind Burger. A flurry of seasonings enhances the flavor of the patty, which comes cloaked in cheddar cheese and stacked with a heap of housemade toppings. “That is the most intense flavor I’ve ever had in a burger,” declares Rutledge after taking a bite. Damaris is equally impressed, exclaiming that “each little bite is a little different, heavenly nugget of steak.”

“That is the most intense flavor I’ve ever had in a burger,” declares Rutledge Wood after taking a bite of the Smash Grind Burger (pictured above). Tune in tonight to watch him and best bud Damaris Phillips tuck into burgers, barbecue and more on the series premiere of Southern and Hungry at 10pm ET on Cooking Channel.

Big Wheels + Big Meals

Big Wheels + Big Meals

When hilarious besties Damaris Philips and Rutledge Wood aren’t chowing down on the South’s best bites, they’re plowing through country roads pondering life’s big questions. “You’re saying people in New York City don’t eat fried pork chops for breakfast?” Rutledge asks. “What do they eat?!”

Get a sneak peak of their behind-the-scenes antics and some of the best bites features on the show, then follow along as they steer their way through the Southern food scene.

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