Introducing Somabar, The Robot Bartender For the Home

Load in your favorite booze and this machine will make almost any cocktail you can think of.

There will come a day, as seen in every sci-fi movie ever, in which humans are no longer needed in the workforce, permanently replaced by robots. Help speed the dystopia along by pre-ordering this spiffy robot bartender.

The Somabar, currently funding on Kickstarter, is an all-in-one robot bartender for the home. You just pop in the ingredients you want and let the machine do the rest. It connects to the Internet, so the list of available cocktails is constantly updated. Never again will you have to suffer through the humiliation of having to lift a spoon to mix something by hand.

Somabar has already blown through its initial funding amount, so this thing will see the light of day. Of course, if you get weepy and start crying about your ex to this bartender, it probably won't give you any advice.

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