Caribbean 101: Top 10 Ingredients

By: Sara Levine

Looking to try your hand at a new cuisine? As a major spice-lover, I’ve always been intrigued by the flavors of the Caribbean. Now I'm excited to try them in my own kitchen with recipes from Caribbean Food Made Easy.

Host Levi Roots’s recipes are straightforward, but a few of the ingredients had me stumped. You, too? That’s why we’ve compiled this handy Caribbean Pantry list with explanations of the cuisine’s top ten essentials, plus ideas on where to find them and tips for what to substitute if you can’t.

No callaloo in your grocery store? Use spinach—your Pepperpot Stew will still turn out hearty and flavor-packed. Can't find Levi's favorite Scotch Bonnet chiles? The more-common habaneros will give your dish the heat it needs.

Check out the pantry list and get ready to cook some Island food!

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