You're Eating Summer Wrong, But Don't Worry — It's an Easy Fix with These 5 Food Hacks

There are better ways to eat your favorite summer foods.
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You may not realize it, but you're eating your favorite foods the wrong way. Sure, they're delicious, but there are much easier solutions to getting bites from your plate to your mouth. Thankfully  You're Eating It Wrong host Dan Pashman is here to solve your problems, particularly for summer treats like perfectly cut watermelon, non-drippy ice cream cones and less-messy corn on the cob.

Check out some of his best food hacks below, and watch all of his videos here.

1. Take your corn off the cob.

There's nothing worse than having a bunch of corn stuck in your teeth at a barbecue. Cut the corn off the cob and mix with any seasonings you like — Dan is a big fan of going Mexican with Cotija cheese, chili powder, lime and cilantro.

2. Dip your hot dogs in condiments.

Don't let bad hot dog buns and an overload of condiments ruin your day. Dan suggests dipping your hot dogs in ketchup and mustard — instead of squirting on the condiments — and squishing the bun for a better bread-to-meat ratio.

3.  Swap out your s'more ingredients.

To maximize deliciousness and minimize breakage, try soft cookies instead of graham crackers or turn everything inside out with chocolate on the outside. For a less messy option, you can use classic s'more ingredients to make a killer S'mores Pie too. Dan also shared a fun s'mores bar idea on Good to Know, and you can check out more ways to play with your food here.

4.  Fill your ice cream cones.

To keep ice cream from dripping out of the cone, try putting a malted milk ball or another delicious candy at the bottom. You can also drop some various toppings inside to get sprinkles or chocolate chips in every bite. If you're feeling particularly crazy, try making a double-decker cone.

5. Cut your watermelon like a Christmas ham.

Cut your watermelon like a spiral-cut ham so you can get various-size wedges. This will make it easy to serve kids and adults alike at your next party.

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