5 Food Hacks to Make Your 4th of July Picnic Stress and Mess Free

As we head into a holiday weekend this July 4th, there are plenty of options for patriotic celebrations, but one of our favorites is a picnic in the park. Whether you're planning an afternoon date or a big shindig for friends, lounging on a checkered blanket surrounded by great food is never a bad option.

If you always end up trashing spoiled food at the end of the day, drinking warm wine or whining about sticky fingers, listen up.  Good to Know hosts Dan Pashman and Laurie March have some easy food hacks to make your picnic less stressful, from cooling down wine with frozen juice boxes to ditching utensils in favor of toothpick-sized bites.

Instead of hauling ice, just freeze up some juice boxes. They can thaw slowly for the kids and can also keep a box of wine — or, as Dan calls it, "Daddy's juice box" — cold for the adults.

Forgo plates and utensils by cutting everything into small bites for a "toothpicnic." Dan and Laurie suggest cubing up steak, watermelon, cheese, salads, bread and more so your hands never have to touch the food.

If you're going for finger food, sandwiches are always an easy crowd-pleaser. Dan lines up all the ingredients and makes a slew of them quickly, then stacks the sandwiches up in a roasting pan with chips in the middle so everything is in one place and there's less to carry.

Pretend you're slicing up a Christmas ham when you get your next watermelon. This helps create wedges that are perfect for any size mouth and that can be transported easily for your picnic.

Instead of a big bowl of salad, try stacking vegetables in perfect bites that are easy to eat on the go. Treat your fork like a skewer that you can dip into any dressing you choose.

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