Football Food Hacks to Make Your Game-Day Party a Touchdown

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Gearing up for game-day parties can have a few hurdles, but don't let them stress you out. Before you sit down and cheer on your favorite team, practice the second-best part of football season: eating. Even though the traditional fare is some of the messiest — aka saucy Buffalo chicken wings — with a few easy tips and tricks, you can keep your eyes on the game and make your stomach happy at the same time.

Dan Pashman is dishing up food hacks on the on-air special You're Eating It Wrong, Friday, Oct. 23 at 9:30pm ET, but we have a sneak peek at some of his game-day advice. Find out how you're eating wings, burgers and chips and guac wrong below so your party can be a total touchdown.

Chicken Wings

Unless you use a fork to spear your wings, you're still going to get sauce on your hands — there's no way around it. But by getting most of the meat off in one bite — like with competitive eating champ Crazy Legs' "The Bone Splitter" method — you can eat a lot in one fell swoop and then get back to the game. Check out our favorite chicken wing recipes to try out this new hack.


The biggest problem with burgers is the bun getting soggy, but with the right stacking methods and condiment dipping, you'll be in the clear. Bonus points if you make your burgers sliders so they're one-or-two-bite appetizers.

Chips and Guacamole

Did you know that eating chips is just like rocket science? Dan consulted an actual rocket scientist to find out how to prevent chip breakage when dipping into a fresh bowl of guacamole. Adrianne Stroup's "snowplow" method is so smart it will have you saying avoca- duh.


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