Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches for the Bacon Lover

By: Roberto Ferdman

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Ice Cream Sandwich

If making ice cream at home wasn't a family tradition growing up ( like it was for Cooking Channel editor Kirsten Vala), making the good stuff yourself might seem like the tallest of tasks. But like any other goodie we've grown accustomed to ordering from over the counter, making the frozen treat at home is far simpler than most are apt to assume.

Well aware of this, Natasha Case from Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches (recently featured on Cooking Channel's food-truck show  Eat St.) took it a step further. Back in the fall of 2008 she began not only making ice cream, but baking cookies out of co-founder Frey Estrellar's kitchen, too. Three years later, their irresistible ice cream sandwiches can now be found in Los Angeles where it all began, as well as Austin, New York City, and even the Hamptons.

It being National Ice Cream Month and all, we caught up with Natasha, who was kind enough to share two ice cream sandwich tips, and one of Coolhaus' most popular recipes.

Tip #1.  Let the Cookies Cool Down

It may be tempting to jump right in once the cookies come out of the oven, but your sandwich will suffer for it. No one likes a runny ice cream sandwich, and that's exactly what piping hot cookies will cause. Allow your cookies to cool down to room temperature, and you'll stay clear of a mess.

Tip #2.  The Colder the Ice Cream, the Better

A solid ball you can bite into is what you're looking for. Otherwise, you may end up having to lick your ice cream, and that's no longer a sandwich. Ideally, you want your ice cream to be around -5°F, or as cold as possible.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Coolhaus' Chocolate Chip Cookie and Brown Butter Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich is a midsummer night's dream of a dessert. Tiny bacon bits speckle the sweet, brown butter ice cream — a crunchy, salty counterpart that pairs perfectly with the soft cookie and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Catch a sweet tooth? We've got you covered:

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