How to Use All Your Zucchini

Zucchini always seems to be the hardiest vegetable in the garden. Like clockwork, it is now abundant in gardens and farmer’s markets alike. If you’re awash in zucchini and looking for new ways to eat it, try one of these recipes below or check out our gallery of the top 20 ways to eat the green squash:

Eat it raw: Shave raw zucchini into thin ribbons on a mandoline, then toss it with a citrusy dressing for this zucchini carpaccio.

Add it to meat: You can lighten up meatballs or meatloaf by adding grated zucchini, like in these meatballs.

Mix it with eggs: Diced and mixed with eggs and a bit of parm, this  frittata makes a quick and simple dinner that will knock one zucchini out of your stash.

Fry it: Who says zucchini needs to be totally virtuous? Give it the potato treatment in Giada's zucchini fries (pictured above).

Cover them in cheese: These  parmesan crisps taste sinful, but they aren't. Breadcrumbs give these baked coins their crunch.

Curry it up: Spicy curry imparts lots of flavor in this creamy Zucchini Paneer.

Add it to noodles: These hot and sour noodles (pictured above) are so much better than takeout.

Stuff it: There are lots of fillings to put in a zucchini boat. Rachel Ray’s recipe stuffs risotto into peppers and zucchini.

Bake with it: You know you can make zucchini bread, but you needn't stop there. This zucchini cake with lemon Glaze and walnuts is a great summer alternative to carrot cake.

Spin it into soup: Chilled soups can be an ultra-refreshing alternative to salad on a summer day. Mark Bittman’s zucchini-pear option fits the bill.


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