Frozen Friday: Freezer Jam

By: Camilla Brandfield-Harvey

We're in for a long, hot summer. So to stave off heat stroke, we're bringing you our favorite summer treats each week as part of Frozen Friday, giving you the scoop on our favorite ice-cold recipes and party ideas to help you stay cool all summer long.

We feature a lot of ice cream treats and sugary sweets on Frozen Friday, but today we've put away the scoop. As we near September, it's time to consider what summer foods we'll leave behind and which we'll bring with us. We're thinking berries. If you've been looking for a DIY project, we've got you covered. Here we've gathered strawberry, blueberry, peach and cherry freezer jams that take only minutes to make and months to eat, with glee.

1. Strawberry Basil Freezer JamRachel Cooks adds basil to a family jam recipe for extra summer flare. You can use this super-sweet jam sporadically throughout the fall as a dessert topper or oatmeal garnish (pictured above).

2. Peach Freezer JamSouthern Bite adds lemon juice to the peach puree to balance its natural sweetness. The vibrant color is guaranteed to brighten any old English muffin or biscuit.

3. Strawberry Blueberry Freezer Jam: A Pumpkin & A Princess uses a touch of butter to keep the puree from foaming, resulting in a silky-smooth jam. It's an ideal complement to pound cake.

4. Bing Cherry Freezer Jam: Bring your sweet cherries right into fall with Kleinworth & Co.'s chunky, lemon-and-honey-infused cherry jam. Store several jars in the freezer to break out as a dreams-of-summer spread or snack.


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