Summer Soiree: 4 Ways to Shake Up Your Sandwich Routine

No matter how clever you get with your nut butter and jam, the sandwich routine can get stale pretty quickly. Shake up your back-to-school (or work) lunch options by swapping out bread for tortillas*. Here are a few filling suggestions to get you rolling. And then keep the cylindrical theme going with Kelsey's homemade fruit leathers. That's a wrap!

Bacon-Hummus Roll-Ups: Hummus with carrots and cucumbers is no ultra-creative concept. But these roll-ups take the idea a bit further by tucking them into bread with slices of crisp bacon (pictured above). The meal should keep for four hours. If you're serving vegetarians, try this hummus-grilled vegetable alternative.

Caribbean Wrap: Mango and black beans turn this chicken wrap into a tropical lunch that'll make you feel like you're still on vacation.

Pepperoni Pizza Wrap: Got a toaster oven? If so, you'd be silly not to try this portable cousin to the classic slice. Watching your waistline? You're in luck: It calls for a high-fiber tortilla, light string cheese and turkey pepperoni, so it's relatively healthy.

Grilled Steak Wrap: For the record, this steak is beer-marinated, so perhaps not ideal for under-age eaters. But if you're packing a lunch for yourself, the cucumber-yogurt sauce and paprika-spiced meat make for a cool meat-lovers' lunch.

If you're still looking for filling ideas, try turkey with mango chutney or  eggplant caponata.

* Or that one up top in the prominent photo that's actually some cleverly rolled cylindrical bread...

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