Creepy Cocktails to Pair with Your Favorite Halloween Candy

By: Caitlin Heikkila

Photo by: Stephen Murello

Stephen Murello

The best Halloween parties have three things in common: killer costumes, candy galore and plenty of cocktails to keep things interesting.

Before you go mixing up a truly spooky jungle juice, try these bewitching candy and cocktail pairings.

Pair Almond Joy with a Black Devil Martini

A simple mix of spiced rum and vermouth with a garnish of black olives, the Black Devil Martini (pictured above)  is a savory sipper. Since spicy rum and sweet coconut are a time-honored classic, try pairing this drink with an Almond Joy bar. The salty nuts and briny olives make a great match, too.

Pair Candy Corn with Witches Brew

This spellbinding sweet, tart Witches Brew combines pineapple and cranberry juices, bubbly soda and a splash of coconut rum. Color- and sugar-wise, it's great with candy corn.

Photo by: Stephen Murello

Stephen Murello

Pair Starbursts with Zombie Gut Punch

Party girls Alie and Georgia created a Halloween punch that is unnaturally smooth and boozy. Sweet blood-orange juice, cherry soda and grenadine add tartness and body to vodka, triple sec and bitters for a zombie-inspired sip that's awesome with fruity chews, like orange or red Starbursts.

Photo by: Shane Redsar ©Shane Redsar

Shane Redsar, Shane Redsar

Pair Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with Cemetery Slime Punch

Think of Cemetery Slime Punch as a spookier Root Beer Float. The recipe suggests vanilla and chocolate frozen yogurt for a frothy, creamy, fizzy treat. Cut the sweetness with a salty Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Photo by: Stephen Murello

Stephen Murello

Pair Twix with Vampire Cocktail

Have a sweet tooth and a lust for blood? Go for a Vampire Cocktail with vanilla ice cream, white crème de cacao, triple sec and “bloody” grenadine. Twix bars are both a cookie AND a candy, which gives this pairing an essence of cookies and cream.

Photo by: Stephen Murello

Stephen Murello

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