31 Days of Cookies: Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies with Black Currant Jam

Fill pistachio thumbprint cookies with black currant jam for a colorful twist on a classic holiday cookie.
By: Laura Davidson

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Continuing our month of nonstop cookies, day four brings a fruit-nut combination.

Holiday season at my house has always meant two things: lots of family time and even more cookies. Every year, my sisters and I would don our aprons and spend hours baking and decorating cookies to hand out as gifts. We were constantly on the hunt for recipes that went above and beyond the basic staples found on every buffet table.

These pistachio thumbprint cookies with black currant jam filling fit that bill: They are elegant and unique enough to stand out among your dessert spread, but they are still super easy to make. Pistachios — the cookie’s star — are naturally festive for the holidays with their green hue and sweet flavor. Homemade pistachio flour adds even nuttier flavor to the recipe while the roughly chopped nuts add texture and crunch. The tart berry jam filling complements the buttery shortbread perfectly.

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