Satisfy Your Salty and Sweet Cravings With 4 Dreamy Ice Cream Treats

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As the weather heats up, everyone is looking for a way to cool down. Sure, you can go for a swim in the local pool or stand in front of your air conditioner, but the ultimate way is to grab a sweet ice cream treat.

Even though we're big supporters of the classic soft-serve twist in a cone, sometimes other cravings take over and you don't want just a sugar rush. To satisfy your savory side, there's always caramel-candied bacon, goat cheese ice cream or a sprinkling of popcorn to give you a salty bite of life.

When the powers of popcorn, caramel, bacon and sweet corn ice cream combine, magic happens.

Can't decide between a cheese plate or traditional dessert? You can have both with goat cheese ice cream.

The classic salty-sweet ice cream from Jeni's Splendid is a great go-to. Whether you eat it alone, stuff it in between cookies for an ice cream sandwich or put it in a sundae, it will be satisfying.

This is an oddball, but Austin-based scoop shop Lick likes to keep things weird. You can pair this cilantro-lime ice cream with Alton Brown's avocado variety and create a new twist on guacamole that will blow your friends' minds.

For more ideas, check out Summertime Cravings with Haylie Duff for more sweet and savory treats on the beach on July 19 at 8pm ET.

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