Meet the Easiest (and Cheesiest) Summer Meal of Your Dreams

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How to host a Pizza Night, where guests pitch in to make gourmet pizzas on the grill or in the oven.

Photo by: Melanie Grizzel ©2012, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Melanie Grizzel, 2012, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are almost over. Soon we'll be sipping pumpkin spice lattes and slow-braising meat as the leaves start to fall. Until then, let's set a final goal for the warm months: eat more pizza. The Italian staple is one of the fastest and most endlessly customizable meals, and it's even better when you throw it on the grill.

Whether you make your own dough or cheat and pick some up at a local pizzeria or grocery store, it's a crowd-pleasing, easy and deliciously cheesy way to get dinner on the table quickly. While anything can go on a pizza — that dough is just a vessel for all of your favorite foods — here are four foolproof recipes below.

Vegetarians and carnivores alike will be satisfied by this flavorful pie. Instead of traditional marinara sauce, this recipe uses a homemade cilantro-pumpkin seed pesto that you'll be tempted to gobble up before you even preheat the grill.

Potato, Goat Cheese, Caramelized Onions, and Cherry Tomato Pizza on Homemade Pizza Dough, as seen on Cooking Channel's Dinner At Tiffani's, Season 1.

Photo by: Adam Rose ©2014, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Adam Rose, 2014, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Tiffani Thiessen's hearty carbs-on-carbs pizza is a cinch to make and will keep you full for hours. You'll truly taste the rainbow with purple potatoes and multi-colored cherry tomatoes.

For those nights when you can't decide between salad and pizza, here's an easy solution. Who needs a fork?

It's a double grilled whammy with Bobby Flay's decadent strip steak pizza. The epic combination of thinly sliced grilled meat, arugula and a mix of blue and Parmesan cheeses will make people come running to dinner at your place.

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