4 Sweet New Spins on Classic Desserts

Think about the last dessert you made at home. It was probably chocolate chip cookies or a pan of brownies, right? As much as we love the classics, it's time to step outside the box — and we don't mean just boxed mixes, but toss those, too — and throw some new ingredients into the bowl.

Instead of making plain ol' crispy rice treats, mix in some Oreos, pretzels and potato chips for an "everything but the kitchen sink" version, or add some spice to your next batch of fudge with cayenne pepper. Check out those ideas and more of our best dessert recipes below, and get ready to blow your friends' minds with inventive sweets.

Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City has a Compost Cookie featuring mix-ins like potato chips, pretzels and Oreos, and Zoe Francois gave the same treatment to crispy rice treats. Heart shapes are optional, but why not have some extra fun with your food?

Get the melty goodness of s'mores without a campfire. Marshmallow creme and chocolate are sandwiched between graham cracker cake layers so you can enjoy s'more deliciousness on the go.


Adding marshmallows and almonds to fudgy brownie bites is delicious, and if you top them with a scoop of actual rocky road ice cream, they'll be even better.


Balance out the sticky sweetness of maple fudge with a dusting of cayenne. It's an unexpected punch that will keep you coming back for more.

For more twists on classic sweets, watch bakers invent new treats on our new competition show Sugar Showdown on Oct. 1 at 9pm ET. Psst, you may see some familiar faces on the judging panel.

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