Kelsey Nixon's Mesmerizing Food GIFs Will Move You

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Every day, we eat with our eyes first, but today you're in for a real feast. Scrolling through your Instagram feed and drooling over delicious food is a thing of the past now that cinemagraphs of jaw-dropping recipes are here. For Kelsey Nixon's new show, Kelsey's Homemade, we're highlighting the best finishing touches from her recipes in GIF form, and they're the food equivalent of a yule log — you can't look away.

Check out three of our favorites below, and then fuel your addiction with  more of Kelsey's recipe cinemagraphs here.


It's cloudy with a chance of chocolate for this sweet spin on classic tiramisu.

Make It Rain Cheese

You can't get enough cheese in  Chicken Sausage and Artichoke Skillet Lasagna.

Shatter Creme Brulee Standards

This cinnamon-spiced creme brulee is the life of the party.

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