How to Host an Anti-Super Bowl Party

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If you think the Super Bowl is less than super, listen up. If you don't like football, you shouldn't have to suffer through watching the game just for the cheesy dips and chicken wings. Instead, host an anti-Super Bowl party with your like-minded friends, gathering 'round the TV for a binge-watch of Friday Night Lights, an endless stream of the Puppy Bowl, or a slew of romantic comedies.

Below, we've paired some alternative viewing options and the best food to serve at your anti-Super Bowl shindig.

Pawsitively Adorable Puppy Bowl Food

Make everything miniature for a  fun Puppy Bowl party. Watch dogs run around and try to fetch footballs while you snack on tiny cupcakes with strawberry glaze, pigs in blankets or mini meatball sandwiches.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose — Texas (Food) Forever

Eat down-home Texas food, as the Dillon Panthers did — but try not to stir up as much drama as the team did — while watching Friday Night Lights. The stars shared some of their favorite Austin restaurants with us, including the spots for Connie Britton's favorite killer margaritas, lots of barbecue and, of course, tacos. Pictured above are braised pork tacos, but you could also serve up barbecued ribs or other Texas faves.

Cheesy Nicholas Sparks-a-Thon

Celebrate Galentine's Day early with a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon — or whatever romantic comedies are streaming on Netflix — while chowing down on a dish as spectacularly cheesy as the movies: macaroni and cheese. You could also go for classic  Valentine's Day recipes, including  chocolate desserts like easy, four-ingredient chocolate cake.

(Board) Game Day

Chow down on chips and dip while playing board games with your friends. The heat is on with Buffalo chicken dip and a never-ending game of Monopoly, or saucy  chips-and-dip recipes and Cards Against Humanity.

Make It Souper Bowl Sunday



Make a big pot of chili  — like the above-pictured red-hot bacon chili — or a comforting bowl of soup for a truly  souper bowl. For this party, you can have the Super Bowl on — but only to watch the commercials.


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