Food People Picks: Top 10 On-Hand Spices

With a well-stocked spice cupboard you can add zest and zing to dishes at anytime.
  1. Ground cumin – a savory spice for burgers, Tex-Mex and Thai dishes

  2. Ground coriander – used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine

  3. Cinnamon – a warm spice with many uses, including cinnamon toast

  4. Curry powder – for authentic Indian cooking

  5. Fennel seeds – used with savory meats, salads and sometimes chewed raw

  6. Italian seasoning – a nice blend of spices for pasta sauces and salads

  7. Dry mustard – brings a nice, sometimes hot, edge to sauces and rubs; has a longer shelf-life than mustard spread

  8. Paprika – from ground bell peppers, adds color and spice

  9. Chili powder – don't make chili without it

  10. Red pepper flakes – a favorite on pizzas and pasta
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